New Story: Building Homes and Helping Communities

New Story, a San Francisco start-up, is dedicated to building homes for families in impoverished areas around the world. At Veritas, we're doing our part to support this great cause.

"The biggest thing I want to accomplish is to live like a human being should live, in peace, and be able to eat and pay for my kids’ education."
– Ronald-Sinea family

"They deserve the protection of a home, and the foundation for a brighter future."
- Brett Hagler, New Story Co-Founder and CEO

Help Us Make a Difference

Community Involvement

As a company operating and thriving in the San Francisco Bay Area, Veritas embraces our long-term commitment to each neighborhood and community we represent.
Giving back is important to Veritas, and we invest in areas where we live. These are our neighborhoods, and we’re passionate about making them strong and vibrant. As a company, we make building improvements and bring in boutiques, restaurants, and shops that complement the community and add character.

Strengthening Our Communities

Veritas actively supports community groups and other nonprofit entities that are working to improve the San Francisco Bay Area lifestyle – economically, socially and culturally. The company supports the following organizations, among others:

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