Community Involvement

As a company operating and thriving in the San Francisco Bay Area, Veritas embraces our long-term commitment to each neighborhood and community we represent.

Giving back is important to Veritas, and we invest in areas where we live. These are our neighborhoods, and we’re passionate about making them strong and vibrant. As a company, we make building improvements and bring in boutiques, restaurants, and shops that complement the community and add character.

Strengthening Our Communities

Veritas actively supports community groups and other nonprofit entities that are working to improve lives of those in need – economically, socially and culturally.

Veritas Volunteer Days

Our commitment to the community means getting out there and taking action to make the San Francisco Bay Area a better place. This is the very reason why we encourage team members to take part in company-sponsored volunteer days, which take us across the City every month with our First Mondays volunteer program. From serving at the soup kitchen at St. Vincent’s, keeping the Tenderloin Housing Clinic looking great for its residents, and even getting our hands dirty to help keep Golden Gate Park, we take joy in helping to make our hometown a wonderful place to live, inside and outside of our buildings.

Keeping San Francisco Retail Local

We have all seen it: the local restaurant getting replaced with yet another chain shop, or the mom-and-pop that’s been around for years losing out its lease to increasing rent. At Veritas, we have partnered with small boutiques, and locally-owned shop owners to fill our retail spaces with warmth, personality, and most importantly, a feeling of community. Neighborhood staples we’ve worked with include Dog-Eared Books in the Mission, Scullery Cafe in the Tenderloin, and No.3 in Pacific Heights.

Good Samaritan Housing

We strongly believe that an apartment is more than a roof over your head: it’s comfort, privacy and safety when you need it most. We’ve partnered with Apartment List and the Housing Industry Foundation to provide furnished apartments to families impacted by the recent California wildfires.


Here in the City, caring for the environment is about more than just taking out the recycling.

Veritas is passionate about reducing the carbon footprint of each and every one of our buildings. With every apartment and building renovation, we aim to implement energy efficiencies though appliance, fixture and lighting upgrades.

Philanthropic Efforts

Creating Homes in Haiti with New Story

New Story, a San Francisco start-up, is dedicated to building homes for families in impoverished areas around the world. In 2017, Veritas "adopted" this organization to raise money that supported local employment, materials and homebuilding. Through the individual employee contributions and corporate matching, Veritas raised over $10,000 for New Story.

Building Relationships

Veritas actively supports neighborhood organizations and the real estate community to improve the San Francisco Bay Area lifestyle – economically, socially and culturally. The company has supported the following groups and nonprofit entities, among others:

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