Spread Love, Stop Hate.

Along with our community and employees, we are deeply saddened and shocked by the tragic events continuing to unfold in Ukraine. Several of us at Veritas have family and friends whose lives are being irreversibly harmed. We want to let Ukraine know: we stand with them. Our community stands with them.

2021: A New Summer of Love

Was there ever a San Francisco summer quite like 1967? The celebrated Summer of Love defined an era with legendary music, iconic fashion, and a message of peace and freedom. San Francisco has always been there to liven the spirits of its community and take movements by storm. This spirit continues to thrive within our lively city.

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Share the Love

Everyone can benefit from some extra love and support. Whether this is by spending time with loved ones you haven’t seen for a year, checking in on a co-worker still working remotely, helping yourself with self-care, or giving back to your community, there are so many ways to spread the love. Here are a few other things you can do to spread love to our neighbors here in the Bay Area.

Support local businesses.

Local businesses, especially those owned by people of color, were hit hard during this pandemic year. With attacks on minorities and a global pandemic hindering their sales, it’s important now more than ever to band together and support our neighbors. Together we can create growth and opportunity for the hardworking people who make up our vibrant communities. Here are a few locally owned businesses in the Bay Area that you can visit for dining, shopping and supporting this summer.

Donate to anti-racist and anti-hate organizations.

Anti-racist organizations work towards actively fighting racism faced by minority groups and send relief to members in the community who have been affected. Support for these groups means directly helping victims of hate while providing relief from the social and economic effects of COVID-19. This summer, find organizations that are important to you and share your love by supporting the fight for justice throughout all our communities. Check out this list from Pledge 1% of organizations supporting the Asian community.

Speak up, speak out.

In order to support our community and spread love this summer we need to work within ourselves. Educating ourselves on issues and injustice happening in our community can help us recognize when we need to stand up and speak out. View these resources to support the LGBTQ community in San Francisco. We can do the work internally and outwardly to uplift our neighbors, speak out against injustice in our community, and reject and report hateful acts against our neighbors. Let’s listen, learn, and be part of the answer this summer.

Love: A Real Work of Art

Spread Love Stop Hate Artwork

Driven by a message of inclusivity and a belief in the power of art to create real change, Bay Area native Tracy Piper shines a light on LGBTQIA, Black, POC, feminist, and tough social subjects in her magical, abstract-realist style.

A special piece by Tracy as colorful as San Francisco itself will adorn all 300-plus leasing signs on Veritas buildings this summer. It’s a reminder of joy, community, and togetherness – a pinkie promise to our neighbors that we have their backs as we commit to ‘Spread Love, Stop Hate.’

Be an Ally. Embrace a Friend.

As the City springs to life, we are re-dedicating ourselves to protecting our friends and neighbors of all backgrounds – the people who make San Francisco the special place it is. Join us in speaking out against hate and injustice as we make 2021 a new Summer of Love.