A Tech-Forward Multifamily Investment Specialist

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Veritas Investments leverages technology to offer a superior rental living experience to a frequently overlooked population: residents in small-to-medium sized buildings.

With innovation at the core of our resident experience and operating platform, Veritas’s tech-inspired management platform reinvents how classic apartments are designed, leased, and managed.

Our custom tech stack and unique approach create efficiencies and generate savings, enable us to sustainably modernize and increase housing stock in some of the most supply-constrained markets in the United States, and add value to our residents, investment partners, and local communities.

About Veritas Investments

Born in San Francisco and evolving from its entrepreneurial roots, Veritas is a vertically integrated real estate investment management firm powered by proprietary technology. Our rapid growth and significant scale provides a proven formula for success in small-to-medium sized multifamily buildings in new markets. Veritas is committed to a DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) workplace with women making up 40 percent of the company management team, and one third of the Executive Leadership Team coming from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

About Veritas Investments

Realizing the Potential of an Overlooked Asset Class

More than 95 percent of apartment buildings in the United States have fewer than 50 units. Veritas’s tech-forward, scalable model delivers institutional quality and systems to these smaller assets, enabling investors to unlock their full potential.

Our approach lowers operating costs, layers in sustainability, adds housing stock to existing buildings, and enhances the resident experience – all at a scale on par with larger multifamily operators.

Prioritizing Our Residents

Putting our residents first sets us apart from other apartment operators. It’s a philosophy that permeates every aspect of our business – from how we interact with people on a day-to-day basis to the way we view investments. Our tech-forward mindset and extensive digital amenities unlock opportunities for our residents, creating a modern living experience unlike anything in the industry.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Most “industry-leading,” out-of-the-box market solutions are designed for operators of large apartment buildings. Our innovative Silicon Valley mindset has empowered us to build a custom end-to-end tech stack, with features and solutions designed specifically for the needs of smaller apartment communities in highly regulated markets.

A PropTech Incubator and Partner

Through our Veritas Innovations division, we partner with and support emerging PropTech firms reimagining residential real estate. Together, we create experiences that make residents happier, operations more efficient, and communities closer, more connected places to live and thrive.

Building for a Sustainable Future

Veritas leverages technology to preserve and update irreplaceable, classic buildings in our markets’ most iconic neighborhoods. We power common areas with solar energy, detect water leaks before they happen, and create new apartments without increasing our footprint – because the lowest-carbon-impact asset is one you don’t have to build from the ground up.

ESG Program

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About Veritas

Veritas Investments, Inc. is an experienced real estate management company that specializes in operating mixed-use multifamily and retail properties in major West Coast markets.

The company offers institutional and individual investors a vertically-integrated platform and a clearly defined investment strategy that focuses on acquiring classic, often architecturally distinctive properties in the area's most iconic neighborhoods, and then enhancing their income and value through building and management improvements. The company holds a track record for moving quickly on opportunities, executing efficiently on strategy, and delivering superior financial performance to investors while giving back to the community.

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