Veritas Investments dates back nearly 20 years, with the firm having grown out of the initial success of property investments made by Founder and Chief Executive Officer Yat-Pang Au.

Mr. Au is a San Francisco Bay Area native and self-starter who, as a youngster, fixed coin-operated laundry machines to help the family business. He acquired his first investment property in 1996 and then built Veritas from the ground up by following a straightforward strategy: acquire classic properties, make upgrades to improve the resident experience and property values, and work within the community as a good neighbor who values the past, while looking to forge a better future.

Here's how Veritas has grown from Mr. Au's first apartment building in Silicon Valley to become one of the largest apartment owner/operators in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Major Company Milestones

  • 1996

    Yat-Pang Au acquires his first real estate asset: seven units in a condominium complex in Silicon Valley.

  • 2003

    Au acquires his first multifamily property in San Francisco – a three-story building with seven apartment units in the City's Mission District.

  • 2007

    Veritas Investments is formed to manage real estate investments on behalf of institutional and individual investors, focusing primarily on apartment properties in San Francisco.

  • 2008

    SF GoGreen, a wholly owned subsidiary of Veritas, completes construction of its first solar panel project atop a three-story apartment building that it owns in the City's Mission District.

    Today, Veritas is one of the largest providers of solar energy on multifamily buildings in the city of San Francisco.

  • 2010

    Veritas forms its first strategic joint venture, Veritas Investment Fund I, with $175 million in equity from an institutional capital partner that has nearly $30 billion in total assets.

  • 2010

    Veritas signs its first lease with Zipcar, eventually becoming Zipcar's largest provider in San Francisco.

  • 2011

    Veritas acquires 70 apartment properties in San Francisco through four separate portfolio transactions.

  • 2011

    Veritas forms a property management affiliate, GreenTree Property Management, and an apartment leasing affiliate, RentSFNow.

  • 2012

    Veritas Investments Fund II is formed with the $75 million in equity.

    Veritas acquires apartment properties in the counties of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin.

  • 2013

    Veritas forms a programmatic joint venture with an international investment firm and subsequently acquires several buildings, for a total worth several hundred million dollars.

    Veritas completes the largest portfolio financing in the history of San Francisco, worth $685 million.

  • 2014

    Veritas creates a separate account joint venture with a foreign pension fund, one of the largest investment managers in the world.

  • 2015

    The Veritas Investments portfolio value approaches $2 billion.

  • 2016

    Completes the largest portfolio financing in the history of San Francisco to date, worth $815 million.

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