Acquire, Manage, and Improve at Scale: A Proven Investment Strategy

Over the last 20 years, Veritas has perfected its innovative approach for building value for investors and residents.

We acquire buildings for our investors that are often overlooked by other operators, establish scalability with a tech-forward vertically integrated operating model, and deliver competitive investment returns through targeted capital improvements that modernize and preserve assets for years to come.

Veritas Investments concentrates on achieving competitive returns while actively managing risk. While our current footprint is in major West Coast markets, our strategy works in any market with structural inefficiencies and strategic fragmentation.

Our strategy creates investment portfolios in some of the nation’s most desirable markets and offers the scale of larger multifamily operators – with several distinct advantages:

  • We pursue the often-overlooked niche of smaller apartment communities.
  • We leverage technology to offer a superior experience for residents and added efficiencies for our investment partners.
  • We sustainably add to housing stock to benefit the communities in which we operate.

We have replicated our proven formula for success in high-barrier-to-entry markets across California, including San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles – with plans to enter additional markets in the next few years.

Elevating the Living Experience of Residents in Small Buildings

Although more than 95 percent of apartment buildings in the United States have less than 50 units, most investors and operators focus on new construction of buildings with 200-300 units due to their inherent scalability.

Veritas instead focuses on smaller buildings, which are often undercapitalized. By leveraging technology, institutional scale, and our deep expertise, we can:

  • Preserve history by maintaining the charm of our portfolio’s architectural finishes and footprint.
  • Deliver a quality living experience calibrated for the needs of today’s residents, equipping many apartments with features and digital amenities that rival new construction.
  • Capitalize on underutilized space. In many cases, we can create new homes and increase density in chronically undersupplied markets by constructing accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

This strategy uniquely positions us within the market, with rents that present a value proposition as compared to new construction, and with institutional savvy superior to most operators in our small-unit-count peer group.

Operational Efficiencies Powered by Innovation

Veritas distinguishes itself through our custom proprietary tech ecosystem, which drives efficiently and scalability, reduces expense, minimizes environmental impact, and creates an exceptional resident experience.

Centralized Leasing Office

Our vertically integrated, centralized leasing office is powered by our internal operations platform, Veritas Drive. Leasing agents can access information on all available apartments within a neighborhood, effortlessly matching availability to a prospective resident’s needs without being tied to a specific building.

Outward-facing as, the centralized leasing office also allows prospective residents to search all our availability from one website. The site also serves as our own internal listing site (ILS), providing additional cost savings from listing fees.

Maintenance Management

Veritas Drive facilitates automation and workflow enhancements that touch every aspect of operations, including maintenance management.

Proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology efficiently routes technicians in the field, assigning them to the locations based on their skillsets and proximity to minimize downtime.

This technology has enabled rapid scale as we doubled the number of maintenance technicians and reduced maintenance response times without needing to increase our back office staff.

Our tech platform has the potential to further accelerate growth through outsourcing and licensing possibilities to other property managers.

Sustainability Supported by Technology

“Green” new construction is often perceived as sustainable, a viewpoint that sidesteps the huge environmental impact that even “eco-friendly” new construction causes through fuel usage, waste, traffic disturbances, carbon dioxide emissions, and the reduction of green space.

We believe that the lowest-carbon-impact building is one you don’t have to build.

Our technology and digital amenities enable us to sustainably correct deferred maintenance issues, add additional housing stock, prevent waste, improve efficiencies, and reduce the overall environmental impact of operations.

ESG Program