Nominations Open for Second ‘Live With Character’ Award

May 22nd, 2020

First Honoree Nearly Doubles His Homeless Outreach Thanks to Veritas

Veritas’ innovative community service award, “Live With Character,” has opened nominations for another grant honoring San Francisco volunteerism. Submit nominations here of individuals who step out of their comfort zone to make a difference to benefit the San Francisco Bay Area. Q2 nominations close on June 1 and the winner will receive a $1,500 award to further their goodwill efforts.

What did Peter, the first quarter recipient of our Live With Character award, do with his grant? Peter, a Veritas apartment resident, has been giving blankets to the homeless while he walks to and from work. He reports having handed out over 200 blankets, giving out a handful at a time. This Live With Character funding was used to purchase more blankets and a cart to nearly double his outreach.

“Thank you for this service to the community. Your generous support …is working for good helping those in our community,” he wrote.

“For my blanket giveaway, I ordered a heavy-duty fold-up cart with a liner so I can give out about a dozen in one outing when a safe opportunity arises, such as shadowing a San Francisco-Marin food pantry pop-up.

“Your funds make this possible and I wish to thank-you again for choosing me to be the recipient, it has already done much good for those who are most in need.”

Further demonstrating his sharing nature, Peter also gave a portion of his award to other philanthropic group, Episcopal Community Services, which served 13,000 homeless and low-income people last year. “They tripled my donation for that day [via matching grant] to $1500!” he reports.

Each quarter, the Live With Character campaign will feature a Veritas resident (or an individual nominated by a resident) who is making an impact in the San Francisco Bay Area. The winners will receive $1,500 in funding, to be donated to a cause of their choice or used to directly fund their efforts to make a difference. Their stories will be featured on our website and social channels. At the end of the year, one of the four winners will be selected by a five-person panel to win a $5,000 prize.

Do you know someone who is making a positive impact in the Bay Area?
Submit nominations here for an opportunity to win a $1,500 award to further advance their goodwill efforts in the community.

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