Investment Strategy

World renowned for its natural beauty, tourist attractions, and quality of life, the San Francisco Bay Area is also home to one of the largest and most dynamic metropolitan economies in the world, exceeding $500 billion in annual gross domestic product.

Investment Overview

This high-powered, knowledge-based economy helps fuel a regional multifamily residential and retail market that consistently ranks among the top-performing and most attractive in the world among institutional and individual investors alike.

With more than 100 properties and several thousand apartment units under management here, Veritas professionals have first-hand knowledge of submarket characteristics and neighborhood nuances that they put to work for the benefit of their investors.

The company’s large and active presence in the San Francisco Bay Area means that the team keeps a finger on the pulse of the rental market: what residents want in property amenities and services, where they want to live, and where tomorrow’s hot neighborhoods are likely to emerge.

Our Strategy

Veritas Investments concentrates on achieving superior investor returns while actively managing risk. This investment strategy analyzes and aggressively acts upon properties and markets which have structural inefficiencies and strategic fragmentation.

By targeting assets that are overlooked by other institutional investors due to size, condition, capital structure or other challenges, Veritas aims to achieve superior returns. The firm’s broad and deep investment experience coupled with a vertically integrated operating platform provides a distinct advantage in producing significant value and maximizing results. In selecting urban environments with attractive job growth, risk is mitigated and upside performance is accentuated.

The firm approaches investing with the discipline of an institutional money manager combined with the mindset of a real estate entrepreneur and the care of a responsible neighbor.

Urban Transformation

Veritas works with communities to create new beginnings and bring new experiences in dining and entertainment to a neighborhood, while honoring an area’s unique flavor and history. The company also works to stay true to a neighborhood’s historical character, retaining its architectural heritage and long-cherished landmarks. Through building upgrades and renovations, the company’s investments benefit property residents and breathe new life into neighborhoods.

Vibrant retail tenants can play an important role in enhancing residential and commercial districts. The ground floors of renovated properties serve as desirable and unique settings for retailers and boutique operators. Introducing a popular store, restaurant or café often creates a virtuous cycle, drawing foot traffic and new potential residents to a neighborhood.


A key element of the company’s strategy is to implement sustainable approaches to building operations and management that benefit people as well as the planet.

A few eco-friendly changes – hosting Zipcar vehicles, installing solar-electric panels on rooftops, and charging-station/energy-storage systems for EV cars in garages – reduce pollution, save money, and reduce the company’s carbon footprint, all while improving a resident’s experience.

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