Author: Johnathan Snoderly

Celebrating a Century

The 1920s in San Francisco marked an era of extraordinary growth and urban development, transforming the city into a bustling metropolis. As the population expanded and the city thrived, numerous infrastructure projects were initiated to cater to the growing needs of its residents. Amidst this period of transformation, several iconic buildings were constructed, destined to become an integral part of the Veritas portfolio as we know it today. These buildings have withstood the test of time and have seen a century of change, leaving a mark on the communities they serve.

Among these architectural marvels, these buildings have not only become a testament to the past but have also evolved alongside society, adapting to the changing times:

1130 Larkin

1801 Leavenworth

1950 Franklin

2023 Folsom

40 Tiffany

655 Powell

686 Post

735 O’Farrell

816 Geary

845 Pine

As we commemorate the remarkable milestone of these 1923 apartment buildings, we celebrate their enduring legacy. These architectural gems have not only stood the test of time but have also witnessed the evolution of society around them. At Veritas, we celebrate their enduring legacy and continue to honor and preserve these architectural treasures, ensuring that they continue to be appreciated for years to come.


Veritas’ Ronald McDonald House family featured in announcement of new Oakland location

KGO-TV7 news


Veritas’ housing partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities, now in its third year, is leveraging a more beneficial impact for families of hospitalized children according to KGO-TV7 news. A family housed in one of its San Francisco apartments for several months was featured in this news segment as they talked about a new property RMHC recently purchased in Oakland to help other, future families in need.

When Veritas first donated short-term housing to RMHC in San Francisco in 2019, it was to accommodate the growing number of families who needed long-term stays in the Bay Area. This alternative housing partnership was expanded as an emergency response to the need to comply with COVID restrictions that dramatically reduced their ability to house families whose kids were undergoing medical treatment at local hospitals.

Housing partnerships with nonprofits are transformational for people dealing with medical emergencies, catastrophe, domestic violence, and other dire straits, and demonstrates the transformational role of housing in people’s lives.

Veritas is proud to have worked with RMHC and other non-profits organizations over the years to provide short-term housing. This temporary housing can be a life-changing bridge during tough times, from wildfire victims to survivors of domestic violence, and most recently refugees fleeing war in Afghanistan and Ukraine. And we thank partner groups in the multifamily industry who help make it happen, like the San Francisco Apartment Association and Apartment List’s Home Bridge program.